How To Reverse Easypaisa Transaction – Return Money Fast


How To Reverse Easypaisa Transaction that you have mistakenly sent on an unknown number. It is very easy and simple that you can return amount quickly after sending your amount to the unknown person. Here i will tell you quick tips that will help you to Reverse Easypaisa Transaction fast within no time.

Reverse Easypaisa Transaction
Reverse Easypaisa Transaction

How To Reverse Easypaisa Transaction

Easypaisa has become a nationwide Pakistani top money transfer app that is trusted by all Pakistani mobile users due to this app money transfer has become easy and safe old fashioned money trade was difficult because it is very hard to carry money these days. Here are some simple steps to Reverse Easypaisa Transaction in fast way

Steps to Reverse Easypaisa Transaction

  • Note TRX ID from transaction message by checking Easypaisa transaction history
  • Now you have to call on Easypaisa helpline
  • Telenor prepaid sim users call on 3737
  • Other network users call on 042-111-003-737
  • Ask the agent to return cancel previous transaction
  • Give the right digits of trx id to the Easypaisa agent
  • Wait for few minutes you will receive your transaction again
  • You can also contact on Easypaisa WhatsApp number

Easypaisa Cancel Transaction Code

The TRD ID is your Easypaisa cancel transaction code from which you can return your forwarded amount fast through giving the agent Easypaisa cancel transaction code.

What is TRX ID?

Basically when a user makes an Easypaisa transaction to a number he receives a confirmation sms from 3737 in this message the network confirms that you have made a transaction to this number having this trx id in the field of trx id there are usually 11 digits that are related to your current made transaction Easypaisa agent uses these 11 digits to track your transaction and re-send it into your account for free.

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Final words

It is easy to return the Easypaisa transaction and get your send money back within hours however those users who don’t realize that transaction has been made to any wrong number within 24 hours then return period automatically expires and then you will not able to Reverse Easypaisa Transaction.

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