Jazz Internet Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly (Updated)


Are you searching Jazz Internet Packages with the lowest prices? Now, Mobilink Jazz offers its users high-quality Jazz 3G/4G internet packages with amazing rates and at very low prices. Jazz is everybody’s favorite network because of its excellent signal quality. Jazz Internet PKG possesses the highest speed; thanks to excellent streaming you can watch videos without interruption. No other network will compete with jazz for having Jazz Internet Packages (3G/4G) of outstanding quality, high speed, and best rates.

Jazz Internet Packages 2021

In everyday routine lives, the Internet has become a part of everything. Four major telecommunications operators offer the best telecommunications services in Pakistan. Jazz gives its clients, such as data bundles, calls and SMS packages, admirable services like another telecom. Jazz supplies its consumers with competitive package plans.

Jazz Internet Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly
Jazz Internet Packages 2021

A 10 MB social bundle and 1800 SMS are available for this plan. For this package, you only have to dial *344#. Jazz a daily list of packages that contain strong single-day data. The following are the descriptions of all Jazz internet packages. The following are the Regular plans for Jazz Internet Packages.

Jazz Internet Packages Latest

Here is list of Latest Jazz Internet packages 2021.
Categorically, there are 3 types of Jazz internet plans and they are listed as below:

Jazz Daily Internet Plans

This particular category offers 3 different packages and they are as following:

  1. Mega
  2. Extreme
  3. YouTube and social


  • Volume: 1 GB
  • Validity: 24 hours
  • Price: Rs. 27
  • How to activate: dial *117*4#


  • Volume: 2 GB
  • Validity: 12AM – 12PM
  • Price: Rs. 15
  • How to activate: dial *757#


  • Volume: 1 GB of WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube
  • Validity: 3 days (2 AM – 2 PM)
  • Price: Rs. 15
  • How to activate: dial *968#


This category is inclusive of 4 different packages and they are:

  1. Extreme
  2. Mega
  3. Mega plus
  4. YouTube and social

Jazz EXTREME Internet

  • Volume: 25 GB (12AM – 12PM)
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Price: Rs. 75
  • How to activate: dial *117*1#

Jazz MEGA Bundle

  • Volume: 7 GB
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Price: Rs. 179
  • How to activate: dial *159#

Jazz MEGA PLUS Package

  • Volume: 25 GB
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Price: Rs. 275 and Rs. 300 for Gwadar
  • How to activate: dial *453#


  • Volume: 5 GBs of IMO, WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Price: Rs. 89
  • How to activate: dial *660#


Monthly internet bundles also comprise of 4 dissimilar packages:

  1. Mega plus
  2. Supreme
  3. Social
  4. Browser

Jazz MEGA PLUS Package

  • Volume: 6 GB + 6 GB (2AM – 2PM)
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Price: Rs. 350
  • How to activate: dial *117*30#

Jazz Supreme Internet Package

  • Volume: 10 GB + 10 GB (2AM – 2PM)
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Price: Rs. 499
  • How to activate: dial *117*32#

Jazz Social Package

  • Volume: 5 GBs of IMO, WhatsApp and Facebook  + 12,000 SMS
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Price: Rs. 99 and Rs. 100 for Gwadar
  • How to activate: dial *661#

Jazz Browser Package

  • Volume: 2 GB
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Price: Rs. 89
  • How to activate: dial *709#

Apart from all the aforementioned packages, there’s one Super Ghanta Offer which gives you a validity of 1 hour against 1 GB internet for just Rs. 9! You can activate this offer by dialing *638#!


  • All above prices are inclusive of taxes
  • Once the volume from a specific internet package is completely used, charges will be deducted as per the regular tariff and i.e. Rs. 5 per MB
  • All the aforementioned internet packages are available for prepaid customers
  • Remaining volume of a particular package can be checked at a price of Rs. 0.06
  • The bundles are not auto-renewed upon expiry


You can choose Jazz postpaid internet bundles out of the following list as per your needs:

  • Monthly Streamer: 2 GB @ Rs. 250
  • Monthly WhatsApp: 5 GB @ Rs. 75
  • Monthly Premium: 5 GB @ Rs. 500
  • Monthly Supreme: 14 GB @ Rs. 800
  • Monthly Super: 24 GB @ Rs. 1020
  • Monthly Ultimate: 50 GB @ Rs. 1870

You can get additional data add-on of 1, 2 and 4 GBs at a price of Rs. 200, 300 and 400 respectively.

Jazz Free Internet Packages 2021

You can find almost everything in Jazz Free Internet Package. You can use facebook, Twitter, Instagram free on all jazz internet offers 2021.

Jazz Net Packages 2021

In daily life, the Internet has now become a part of everything. Four major telecom operators in Pakistan provide the best telecommunications services. Jazz offers impressive services to clients including datasets, call packages, and SMS packages, as well as other companies in the telecommunications industry. Jazz supplies its consumers with competitive package plans. Jazz also provides a lot of internet packages for warid users due to merging these telecom sectors.

Jazz Internet Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly
Jazz Internet Packages 2022

Under a regular 30MB limit, users of the Jazz Social Package should use Facebook and WhatsApp for a whole day. This bundle has a *114*5# subscription code. If customers are not regular users of details, the best for them would be their daily Jazz package plans. The Facebook and WhatsApp daily package plan enables 200 MB. The regular package plan activation code is *455#.

The daily bundle list of Jazz packages includes heavy data for one-day use only *344#. For enabling this pack. The following details are given for all Jazz Internet packages. The following are the regular plans of the Jazz Internet Packages.

A recursive program means that the package is automatically triggered after one day. The Jazz Daily SMS + WhatsApp offer is a Social Bundle plus SMS package. A 10 MB social package and 1800 SMS are available here.

New Jazz Internet Plans 2021

Internet Hourly Extreme

In an emergency situation, you should have to subscribe internet hourly plan which offers by jazz at a low rate. This bundle contains 2 GB of the internet just for Rs. 20.32 for the next two hours.

Jazz Sindh Plan

The Jazz provides services like as Sindh package for Sindh residents, it gives unlimited online call minutes, but allows individuals to make calls on certain networks through these packages.

Jazz Punjab Pack

Free web jazz also makes Punjab call minutes for customers. Here, that the same is true, users will not be ready to dial other networks with for this plan.

Jazz SIM Lagao Offer

Jazz SIM Lagao is also another fantastic Jazz deal for clients who don’t do it actually don’t have a Jazz SIM. The following deals, along with jazz call packages and minutes, will be available when the customers started to use the Jazz SIM.

Jazz Internet Packages 2022

Find the best Jazz Internet Prepaid Packages on this page. Altogether, there are monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly Jazz internet packages in total which are updated every month of the Year 2021.

Warid Customers can also use the Jazz internet packages codes for activating 4G internet on their mobile sims, as Mobilink and Warid merged their operation under the Jazz brand.

Jazz 4G internet Packages had been awarded as the fastest mobile internet service in Pakistan by Ookla. Moreover, Mobilink has the largest share in the mobile telecom market.

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages

Following are the Jazz Postpaid internet packages. The Postpaid customers are billed monthly in accordance with the subscribed package. Jazz PostPaid internet packages can be activated by dialing *777#.

Jazz Package Data Price
Monthly Streamer 2 GB Rs.250
Monthly WhatsApp 5 GB Rs.75
Monthly Premium 5 GB Rs.500
Monthly Supreme 14 GB Rs.800
Monthly Super 24 GB Rs.1,020
Monthly Ultimate 50 GB Rs.1,870

FREE Facebook on Jazz

Mobilink internet customers can now enjoy free Facebook on Jazz that does not consume 3g data. Users can switch between Free and Data versions of Facebook with a single tap.

There will be a toggle on the top of your app to switch between Data and Free mode. In Free mode, you will be able to scroll through your timeline, post a textual status update, chat, comment on the status, and share a post without any data charge. Note: Users will not be able to see images and videos or upload a picture or video.


How to check jazz net package remaining internet MBs data?

Jazz remaining MBs of any internet package or bundle package can be checked by adding *2# at the end of the subscription code. For example, the Weekly mega subscription code is *159#. To check Weekly mega remaining internet MBs dial *159*2#. The # is replaced by * and 2# is added. This can be done with every Jazz internet package. There is a deduction of Rs.0.06 for checking the remaining internet Jazz MBs data.

Is WhatsApp free on Jazz?

Jazz has three different WhatsApp offers to consist of daily, weekly, and monthly WhatsApp bundles. Check out the Jazz free WhatsApp page for details. Furthermore, there is also a special Free WhatsApp package for Jazz customers in Multan. It includes free unlimited WhatsApp and Facebook on Jazz Super 4G for an entire month. Multan free WhatsApp package is a Limited time offer.


  • All the aforementioned internet bundles are for Jazz postpaid customers
  • You can subscribe to any internet package by dialing *777# or by calling 777 helpline
  • All internet buckets are pro-rated
  • If you aren’t subscribed to any internet package, you will be charged at Rs. 2 + tax/MB
  • Only one bundle can be subscribed at once. Any change in the bundle will expire the previous bundle and activate the new one
  • All bundles will be renewed automatically
  • Add-ons will not be renewed unless they are renewed by the customer

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